McAfee Error Code 12002

McAfee Error Code 12002- While Downloading McAfee Anti-Virus.

McAfee antivirus keeps your PC far away from threats, viruses and malware infection. The Error code 12002 is a common problem for many users. This error crashes your windows program. Your PC suddenly get crashed which is not good for your system.
This error code shows a proxy connection problem or a firewall problem.

Appear McAfee Antivirus Error Code 12002, Why?

  • If you download a corrupted window file on your PC.
  • The McAfee code is not correctly or completely mounted on the device.
  • Sometimes error shows due to operating system issues.
  • Some files have been corrupted due to viruses in the system.
  • Necessary elements missing in the McAfee system file.



If users performing the procedure to install McAfee antivirus on their PC from and suddenly error code 12002 generated on your screen, as it does not permit you to install McAfee antivirus software, then there are few easy approaches that users should implement for solving that error and installing McAfee antivirus successfully.

Easy steps to patch the 12002 error code:

  1. First, users need to repair all the records of the registry that are connected to the 12002 error code.
  2. After that, user have to scan their system from windows defender for malware and viruses. Above all, it helps to remove all the temporary and junk files from the device.
  3. Clean up the disk to get more space on your system.
  4. Now update all drivers or reinstall drivers on your system.
  5. To undo all new changes you need to restore the windows system.
  6. After the un-installation of McAfee antivirus user must use MCPR tool for remove all McAfee elements.
  7. Now ensure that you successfully installed windows updates.
  8. After that, Reinstall the McAfee antivirus software product again.

The easy steps listed above helps you to fix McAfee related issue also if you still having that problem then you can contact our technical specialist for better solution. To contact our specialist click here and for activation go to